Quizlet sets for Semester 2 Exam!!!!!!!!!!

Unit 3A
Unit 3B
Unit 4A
Unit 4B -NOT ON 2015 EXAM

  • Oral Exam-NOT for 2016
Napoléon Quizlet Sets NOT for 2016
(Be familiar with the lines)
Vocab Matching Tests

7th French Semester 2 Exam Review

  1. Listening Comprehension (video played by proctor)
    1. Spelling
    2. Numbers
    3. Questions
  2. Logique or Illogique w/ questions words
  3. Vocab (matching)
  4. Reading comprehension (read paragraph, answer questions)
  5. Write sentences w/ pre and post nominal adjectives
  6. Semi-Hardcore sentences
  7. Fill in blank w/ correct forms of aller, avoir, être, -er verbs
  8. Choose correct possessive adjective (ma/mon/mes, etc)
  9. Write sentences using preps of location
  10. Fill in blanks on Napoléon fait de son mieux statements (word bank provided)

Study materials: