You will be learning 3A vocab from Amanda and Louisa! Here are our lesson plans and tools to help you study for Semester 2 Exams 2013!

Click HERE for the 3A vocab quizlet made by Madame Thomas!

-5 Minutes: Go over notes
-10 Minutes: Mini activity with notes
-15 Minutes: PowerPoint Game

We will be able to have a class full of review for 3A vocab in a fun fast way! We are both so excited to review it with such a fun amazing class. As you can see in the Lesson Plans the Introductions for the different sections are included in the time frame. We can't wait! Thanks!!!

Notes/Mini Activity Instructions:For the notes, we will discuss the family tree as a class and talk about what each character is (a mother, brother, grandchild, etc.). For the mini activity, one group at a time will line up in front of the notes. The bottom part of the notes will be covered up. We will point at a character on the family tree and the person will have 15 seconds to say as many things that describe the character as they can. This will be a quick and fun way to review the notes right before the main activity.

Game Instructions: For this game each student will need a whiteboard, expo, and an eraser. You will be sitting on your desks sink or swim style. There will be PowerPoint questions going over what we talked about in the notes. For the First 5 minutes, the students will be able to see the notes on the two boards Amanda and I brought in. After that the notes will be taken away and the students will have to answer the questions based on their memory. Each student will be keeping their scores themselves, the highest score will get a prize THE NEXT CLASS! (if there is a tie there will be multiple prizes)

After we all play the game together in class, the PowerPoint will be put up on this page and it will be a great way to review.
Homework: NONE! just review Mme Thomas' Quizlet for Exam.